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Responsive Solutions for Blocked Drains in Epsom

At DCF Drains, we have the capacity and the know-how to deal with even the most stubborn of blockages in Epsom. When there is any kind of problem with a leaking or broken pipe, we weigh up the options and go with what we think will be the best solution to the problem.


We usually find smaller blockages in a matter of seconds, such as when a blocked sink or a blocked toilet is backing up water. However, a blocked drain in Epsom can be a totally different matter and indicative that more extensive work may be needed.


There are two common ways of fixing damaged pipes; drain relining or to have replacement drains put in.


Drain Relining


We usually make the decision to reline drains once we’ve carried out a CCTV survey to identify the problem or the cause of the blockage. Relining works include cleaning and descaling the section of pipe that we will be ‘sleeving’. This is done using a combination of electro-mechanical machining and high-pressure water jetting.


This removes scale and deposits to leave the pipe cleaned and prepared for the lining to be inserted. CCTV surveys are recommended to clients in Epsom if the usual systems we use for clearing a blocked toilet, blocked sink or blocked drain haven’t worked.


The relining sleeve is made of UPVC and installed using air inflation methods. The sleeve blows up over a period of up to three hours. Once done, the inflation tube is removed and the new relined section is washed and cleaned to remove the resin solution we use.


The benefit of drain relining is that it can work out cheaper than excavation. This is a service that we’ve carried out many times. Even though your pipes might be out of action for a short time, this is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to get them fixed. Once the new lining has sealed to the pipe, it should keep your Epsom property blockage-free.


Replacement Drains in Epsom


If sections of your old drainage network have become damaged through age or by the growth of tree roots, we may need to take them out of the ground and replace them with newly-installed pipes. We excavate the ground, causing as little disruption to the surrounding area as possible, and replace the affected pipework completely.


If the drainage system runs under your Epsom property, we may have to divert the pipes around the perimeter. This can take time and will add further expense to the project. Replacement drains are a long-term solution. The strength of our replacement materials ensure that it will be a long time before blockage issues are likely to arise again.


All replacement drains and linings come with a guarantee and we are on call 24 hours a day to survey any blockages. For lasting solutions with blocked drains, blocked toilets and blocked sinks in the Epsom area, call us today for practical help and advice.


For a fast response on a drain, sink or toilet blockage anywhere in Surrey, call DCF Drains now on 01737 850947 or 07973 890634.

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